Rumor: Suicide Squad Character to Appear in Solo Batman Movie

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DC might not have kicked off the comic book movie shared universe, but Warner Bros. is wasting no time in establishing an interconnected movie lineup.  Man of Steel was basically a stand alone movie, but Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad are both obviously kicking the universe into high gear, especially when it comes to crossovers.  Obviously that trend will only continue with the Justice League team up movies.

[Potential spoilers for an as yet unannounced Batman movie to follow.]

A new rumor from Kellvin Chavez at Latino Review says that Will Smith's Deadshot may make an appearance in the long rumored Batman movie, starring Ben Affleck.  Obviously Deadshot could serve as either a villain, hero, anti-hero, or some combination of the above, but Latino Review is suggesting "if Deadshot joins the Bat in the movie, it will be for a 'major role' for a 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly' scenario."

Whether this shapes up or not, the idea of a DCEU that has crossovers to this extent in every film is definitely an exciting prospect.  How do you feel about seeing Will Smith's Deadshot heavily featured alongside Ben Affleck's Batman?  Could this have any affect on the rumored Red Hood involvement?  Only time will tell.

Source: Latino Review

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