Kathleen Kennedy Talks Star Wars Spinoffs, Hints Boba Fett Timeline?

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In a recent interview with /Film, Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm talked about the plans for the upcoming Star Wars spinoff movies, starting with Rogue One in 2016. The most common analogue to what Lucasfilm plans to do with Star Wars is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Kennedy specifically specifies the differences between the way the MCU and Star Wars will approach different genres.

It is definitely in the genre thinking but Star Wars is very different than Marvel in that they basically build their stories around characters, and then they seed those characters in different stories. Star Wars, you know, is a place, it’s a universe, so those stories are constructed a little differently than Marvel.
Star Wars has always been an experiment in genre blending, and there's a multitude of different types of movies that could all take place in the Star War universe.  Rogue One seems to be a war movie, with many people on production staff that have worked on movies like Saving Private Ryan and Zero Dark Thirty, and the Han Solo movie could be something of a buddy comedy.  The movies will span multiple genres, all within the Star Wars sandbox.

When it comes to continuity, Lucasfilm is leaning heavily on the internal story group.  The question of Star Wars canon has been a big question mark for many people, and will likely be for some time.  That's where the story group comes in.  Kathleen Kennedy explains the job of the story group, using the example of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe (now non-canon Star Wars: Legends): 

George allowed that expanded universe to really go its own way. And some of it was extraordinary and really well done. And some of it, less so. But it didn’t follow any narrative structure and we felt with all of the development that was going to go on in all these different areas, [that] would make things too chaotic. And we didn’t abandon it because we thought something was wrong with it, we abandoned it because it had gone in too many different directions without any oversight by George, and that’s something we’re trying to rectify. So the concept of the expanded universe is similar to what we’re continuing to do, but within a bit more structure.
So far, all the spin-off movies take place before the Original Trilogy, but Kennedy makes sure to point out that that's not by design. The spin-offs can take place at any time in the Star Wars continuity.

It just so happens to be Rogue One is the precursor to New Hope and yes, this Han Solo idea but I would not argue that we are setting up any kind of prequel notion with these standalone movies. I think that’s so far just coincidence. And to be perfectly honest, we have changed the order of those at the last minute, so that’s not the intention at all.
The biggest thing of note in that last quotation is the last sentence, which suggests that the only reason all the currently announced movies are prequels, is because the release order was changed after the exit of Josh Trank from what is assumed to be a Boba Fett movie. Does that mean that if Boba Fett was in its original release spot that it would take place after Return of the Jedi? Although the old Expanded Universe had Boba Fett surviving his fall into the Sarlacc pit, new canon hasn't specified anything regarding his survival (other than some ambiguous references in Star Wars: Aftermath), creating a sort of Schroedinger's Fett situation.

Whether that was a slip up (or calculated hint) on the part of Kennedy, or I'm just reading too much into an innocuous sentence, don't be surprised if we get to see Boba Fett climb out of the Sarlacc and live to hunt another day.  We won't really have any idea until a Boba Fett movie and timeline is confirmed, though.

Are there any Star Wars spin-off movies you would like to see, or any Star Wars Expanded Universe story elements you would like to see show up in the new Star Wars canon? Sound off in the comments!

Source: /Film

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