Early Non-Spoiler Twitter Reactions to The Force Awakens

12/15/2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Well folks, it's here.  People have seen The Force Awakens, confirming that it wasn't an elaborate troll by George Lucas to get back at the fans for prequel bashing.  Although official reviews are embargoed until Wednesday, the premier attendees were not shy about expressing their thoughts via twitter.

There are no spoilers in any of the below tweets, so check out the various press and celebrities to see their quick reactions.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Star Wars article without a reference to the Prequels. The immediate reactions in 1999 may not have been all that different to what we're seeing here.  Does the hype of the movie give everyone rose colored glasses?  One thing's for sure, though. We'll all have an opinion in a few short days.

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