'Suicide Squad' Starts Getting Casting Rumors

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In the past month, both Marvel and DC have revealed a full slate of releases all the way through 2020.  In those reveals, one of the most unexpected announcements was for the David Ayer directed Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad was a surprise not only because it is a more risky property, but also because the release date is set less than 6 months after Batman V Superman, making it the 3rd release for DC's new shared movie universe, and possibly one of the most significant.

With the release coming so quickly, we're going to begin getting some news and rumors about production, of which, the newest is the (all but) confirmation of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.  This gives us our first hint of direction for Suicide Squad, and subsequently, a lot of the rest of the DCMU.

 There are additional rumors about Suicide Squad as well.  The most significant of which is that Jared Leto may be playing The Joker.  Joker is not traditionally recognized as a central member of the Suicide Squad, but is clearly a major player when it comes to DC villains.

Hopefully, this role will be more of a cameo, like the small part rumored for Lex Luthor, to help set up the universe a little more.  It'll be a lot easier to introduce the joker that way, especially since Heath Ledger is still fresh in so many people's minds.

The fact that Suicide Squad is coming so early in DCs slate is actually amazing in it's implications.  This is a massive universe, and (as we've seen with Marvel), sometimes the crossover work can get a little tedious.

Suicide Squad provides a convenient way to establish a lot of characters, crossover events, organizations, and other lore.  The movie will likely help establish A.R.G.U.S., U.S. Government interests, several prisons (such as Arkham and Iron Heights) and their inmates,  and the heroes that locked up said inmates via "ghost stories" about Batman, the Flash, or whoever needs backstory.

After Suicide Squad, it may look like other shared universes were working backwards.  Before Justice League Part 1, we could have a large chunk of the rogues gallery already cast and established.  Taking time to build backstory and motive for every character won't be so cumbersome, it could be mostly plug and play.

Not that Suicide Squad is entirely an expositional tool.  It will be awesome in its own right.  The only reason I focus so much on the world-building potential is because of how easy it will be in that format.  This avoids having to have forced exposition in movies where it doesn't belong down the road.

The fact that news is already coming out about this movie is a sign that DC is already hard at work with its many future projects.  News, concept art, set images, synopses, casting announcements, and the like will be pouring in for the entire franchise now.

Suicide Squad is set for release on August 5th, 2016

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