Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser and Breakdown

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After a well made false alarm, the official Star Wars teaser is out and it is better than could be hoped.  Although, in true teaser form, there wasn't much show, but that doesn't mean there weren't some major reveals.  Watch the teaser here, then check out the breakdown images below.

Awesome! Right!?!

A couple non visual things.  That's John Williams's new score.  It sounds like familiar and nostalgic Star Wars, but it's brand new.  That, along with the rest of the sound effects bring out all sorts of nostalgia.  That's because it's Ben Burtt doing the sound engineering and mixing again.  Hopefully we'll even end up with a Wilhelm scream!

The music and sound is so perfect.  It doesn't feel for a second like this belongs anywhere other than alongside classic Star Wars.

Now lets get to the images.

The first thing we see is sand dunes.  This is likely Tatooine, but who knows.  We've seen this planet in every Star Wars movie other than The Empire Strikes Back, so I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case here as well.

The voiceover here is "There has been an awakening.  Have you felt it?" (harkening to the title) I believe the voice is that of Max von Sydow. The voice is now confirmed to be Andy Serkis (that guy can do anything).

Then, up pops John Boyega.  Dressed like a stormtrooper.  This corroborates some early plot rumors, but we've seen non-stormtroopers wear the white armor before.  He appears to be stranded in the middle of the desert.  Possibly after a crash landing (also supporting plot rumors).

Whether Boyega's appearance is related to the "awakening" is yet to be seen.

Next, we see the new stormtrooper design.  They look great in action.  They're in some sort of a drop ship.  This scene feels intense and awesome.  This part stands out from the rest of Star Wars the most, because it seems a lot darker and more intense than the other movies, but it's undoubtedly Star Wars.

Then there's this droid.  It's some sort of newer astromech looking droid.  Not much to look at here, other than the fact that it rolls around.  This may not even be an actual character.  There've been plenty of weird droids like this in the background.  This is a great example of how J.J. Abrams has evolved the Star Wars aesthetic, though.

Here's our first look at Daisy Ridley.  Not much to go off here, but it seems like she's a native to Tatooine (or whatever this particular desert planet is).  Love the costume.  This feels very much our of A New Hope.

Here's a new looking speeder bike of some sorts.  The structures in the distance look like some of the pieces of the set we saw in the first leaked images.  That's where the giant pig lizzard puppet is.

Here's our first look at Oscar Isaac in an updated Rebel pilot uniform.  The overall look is fairly similar, but it's definitely new.  Another good evolution in the style.

This is all we really know about his character at this point.  He's a Rebel pilot.  There are rumors that he may own the Millenium Falcon.  That remains to be seen.

This is one of the coolest shots of the whole thing, and my new desktop wallpaper.  This is also something we haven't gotten to see yet in any Star Wars movie.  Atmospheric X-Wing combat.  Really, the only movie to have displayed any combat in space (of which this teaser showed none) is The Empire Strikes Back, so it's good to see them keeping it in that general wheelhouse.  Everything about this shot is gorgeous.

The first shot of our new villain.  He's robed in black, and he seem's very physically powerful, but carries a very unstable vibe, like he's full of rage.  Although we only see him from the back, he seems like he'll be an amazing physical villain.

Then comes the lightsaber.  This is cool, right?  Black robed figure in the dark snowy woods with a lightsaber.  That's cool, right? Oh, wait...

What the...  It's a lightsaber with a cross guard.  Considering the number of severed hands we've seen, this is actually brilliant.  Also, look closely.  This lightsaber looks like it's on fire.  Whether that's the new saber effect, or if that's unique to this blade has yet to be seen, but this screen grab is the one that has been the biggest hit on the internet, without question.

Then the voiceover continues "The dark side... and the light" at which point, it cuts to the classic Star Wars theme and gives us our hero shot of the Millenium Falcon pulling an amazing maneuver in very low altitude.  The camera also pulls an amazing maneuver here.

Then we get TIE fighters facing off against the Falcon, in more atmospheric combat, again, showing us something we've never seen in Star Wars, but keeping it grounded with the most love iconography.  This might be my wallpaper after the X-Wing picture.

Are you stoked?  I'm stoked.  It's still over a year away, but it looks and sounds 100% amazesome.  We still know next to nothing about this movie, but at least we have something to watch on repeat until we have more details to mull over.

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