Jurassic World Trailer Released Online

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The first trailer from Jurassic World is finally here, and it's like a sip of cool water.  With all the blown out 80s/90s reboots/sequels we've been getting, Jurassic World appears to go back to the tone of the originals, with minimal CGI, and a trailer focused more on the the characters and suspense than the spectacle.

There's a lot to break down in this trailer, especially with the secrecy surrounding much of this project.

The park is open.  We knew this already, but the movie appears to pick up with John Hammond's Jurassic Park as a fully realized reality as "Jurassic World."  We see several varieties of dinosaurs, including an aquatic monster, and, of course, velociraptors.

Chris Pratt is awesome.  His character, credited as "Owen" on IMDB, appears to basically be Dr. Alan Grant, and Robert Muldon rolled into one, which sounds pretty epic.  He also rides a motorcycle with gang of velociraptors, so I don't know how he could be any more badass.

There's a new dinosaur.  Some of the viral marketing has revealed that there will be a new dinosaur, but the trailer confirms that.  These scientists always seem to get a little mad with power, and, of course, they decide to genetically modify dinosaur DNA to make a new dinosaur.

Now, they could have made a super awesome tiny herbivore that people can have as a pet, like a teacup pig, but that's not what they did.  They made something that's massive, intelligent, and it also apprently has massive claws.  Smart move, scientists.

Overall, it feels like a true to form sequel to the original Jurassic Park movie in both  spirit, and tone.  Watch the trailer for yourself down below.

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