First Images of Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance as Black Canary

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Just because my Arrow reviews have moved over to Watchtower of Babel News doesn't mean there won't still be Arrow coverage here on Geek5auce.

Season 3 of Arrow has been pretty exciting so far.  One of the biggest questions, though, has been over how well Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance will transition over to the role of Black Canary.  Most fans were very satisfied with the performance of Sara Lance, but Laurel tend to draw more criticism in past episodes.

I've been satisfied so far with the use of Ted Grant to serve as a mentor and trainer to bring her around emotionally and physically.  It works on screen, it fits very well in the story, and it has strong ties to the source material.

The big question about her transition, though, has been how will she look as Black Canary?  Laurel hasn't exactly had the most imposing look in the show.  How intimidating could she be suited up?

That question was answered this week when The CW released the first images of Katy Cassidy in the full get up.

I would say she definitely nails the look, although it is a significantly different look from Sara's Canary.  Sure, she has the blond wig, the black mask, and the rest of the outfit is black, but Laurel's Canary seems to have much more leather and buckles.  It is also missing the massive cleavage from Sara's costume, but that goes a long way in making the character a little more credible.

The buckles may get a bit out of hand, though, especially when you notice the black garter belt she has on over the rest of the outfit.  Unless there is some unknown utility in this case (other than holding up the equally pointless garters), then that choice is a little disappointing.  It's like the lingerie version of the Superman/Batman underpants.

Otherwise, the character looks good.  I'm just hoping this reveal is still a few weeks off.  Although everyone wants Laurel's character transitioned as fast as possible, she can't be seen fighting next to characters like Oliver, who has been training for over 5 years at this point.

Even Roy has had more time training, but then again, neither of them were trained by Wildcat Ted Grant.

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