Star Wars Rebels, Episode 4, 'Fighter Flight', Review

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This review will contain spoilers for Star Wars stuff.

Star Wars Rebels continues with it's strong Star Warsy vibe, but this past episode probably represents what a lot of people hope to not expect from the future of the show.  Although it did wonders for some character building, and establishing the team dynamic, it was definitely a lot more corny and cartoony than the first three episodes (remember, Sparks of Rebellion counted as two episodes) led us to expect.

This episode explores Zeb and Ezra, establishing their relationship.  We already know they share a room on The Ghost, but this episode fleshed their relationship out as very much an older/younger brother sibling rivalry, with the family dynamic with the other crew members being very obvious as well.  Kanan and Hera are the parents, Sabine a sister, and chopper is the family pet.

The dynamic works very well and all, but this episode was definitely a cheesy way of establishing it.  Ezra and Zeb are asked by Hera to go get some supplies from the city (specifically, a fruit), where they run into some... Imperial entablements.  The crew is routinely intercepting imperial shipments, so the idea of Ezra and Zeb going for a grocery run (when they're likely all on wanted posters now) feels a bit fabricated.

Ezra is ribbing Zeb for the majority of the beginning, because he saved his life in the last episode.  Of course, that relationship gets flipped halfway through, when Zeb saves Ezra's life.  They end up stealing a TIE fighter in a very slapstick cartoony scene, then proceed to attack an imperial convoy and rescue some old friends of Ezra's.

I've drawn a lot of comparisons between this show and The Clone Wars, and while I don't think this episode violates those comparisons, but it was closer to the low point of season 5, if anyone recalls Colonel Meebur Gascon, the little frog like alien that led a group of astromech droids (including R2-D2) on a mission behind enemy lines.

We know there's better stuff to come, so I'm just chalking it up to filler and character development, but it is definitely the weakest episode so far.  Hopefully we'll get to see some more legitimate Jedi training for Ezra, more Star Wars tie-ins/crossovers, and a few run-ins with the inquisitor!

Star Wars Rebels airs Mondays at 9/8c on Disney XD

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