Gotham, Season 1, Episode 6, 'Spirit of the Goat', Review

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Well, I guess this was better than last week's episode?  Every week I try to put my finger on what it is this show is doing wrong, but there's so much, it's hard to narrow it down.  Fortunately, this week gets a little more specific with the plot, so I'd say it's a more successful episode overall, but it still suffers from many of the same pitfalls.

The rest of this post will contain spoilers for Gotham

Despite this show cutting out some of the many extra plot threads, there were still far too many.  The main story wasn't actually all that bad, but it was clouded by several lingering side stories.  This is the first episode I've seen where I think the main plot would have been good on its own with a little more attention, but of course, they have to throw in these additional scenes that confuse the context.

The episode starts off with a flashback from 10 years ago, where everything looks identical.  Harvey Bullock is already a cop, but he looks the same age and appears to be just as seasoned of a detective as he is 10 years later.  This does open an opportunity (which the episode tries to take advantage of) to examine Harvey's character a little closer, but it only really succeeds in making him seem a little more schizophrenic than he was before.

Ed Nigma was featured much more in this episode.  He told what I think is his first actual riddle of the show, but it was a variant of the age old crossing a river with dogs problem that I feel like everyone covers in 2nd grade math.  He then proceeds to harass the girl that manages the records room at Gotham PD.  I think it was intended to make him seem more likable, but it felt contrived, and his character just isn't very likable.

The main plot, centered around the "Spirit of the Goat" as the episode suggests also had quite a few issues.  First, it was centered around what appeared to be copycat killings from a serial killer Bullock had caught 10 years before.  The only problem was, none of it felt like it was 10 years old, as mentioned above.

This issue specifically comes into play with Bullock, as he doesn't feel like a rookie in the flashback, but he doesn't feel like a 10 year veteran detective during the normal timeline.  The exact same issue comes into play when we find out the real culprit is a hypnotist, but once again, there's no way she's been in in hypnotherapy for 10 years.  Literally everything about the past (characters, locations, etc) is identical to the present, other than the fact that they say it was 10 years ago.

Fortunately, a lot of the super goofy stuff was absent this episode.  Fish Mooney was entirely absent, and the Goat Spirit (despite how goofy it sounds) was a reasonable villain.  There was an excessively awkward scene of Pennguin getting a sponge bath from his mom, and a random scene where Cat breaks into Wayne manor to steal an apparently random box.

This show is getting harder and harder for me to review.  If it doesn't start to do something more interesting or show signs of turning around, I may start reviewing it in chunks instead of doing a weekly review.  As a Batman fan, it's hard to put up with a lot of the show.

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