Zack Snyder Releases Official Batmobile Photo

9/10/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Well, we just barely got a tease of some set-photos of the Batmobile and Zack Snyder decides to pull the entire tarp off, for real this time.
As I speculated with some early leaks, as well as the most resent set photos, there is a significant amount of CGI enhancements to be added to the final version.  The most significant of the additions is the massive mounted machine guns on the front, as well as what might be rocket launchers of a sort.

This is not the first time the Batmobile has been equipped with weapons of this nature.  Everyone remembers the tumbler in the Nolan Batmans had a cannon and some other weapons, and the tank style Batmobile in The Dark Knight Rises was also well armed and shot rubber bullets.

The full look of this Batmobile definitely points to a much more brutal and militaristic Batman, though, as we can imagine he'd be after a few decades on the job.

Excited?  Don't forget, this movie is still a year and half away!  Maybe we'll get lucky with a trailer before the end of the year...

You can see the super high res version here.

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