Star Wars: A New Dawn Review

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Star Wars canon may have received a major reset after Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, but that doesn't mean the end of multi media platform franchise.  In fact, from here on out, Star Wars will have episodic live action movies, spinoff movies, animated series, books, and comics all in a cohesive shared universe, starting with the new book, Star Wars: A New Dawn.

A New Dawn takes place about a decade after the end of Revenge of the Sith, and introduces some of the main characters for the Rebels TV show, and lays the foundations for a galaxy ruled by the Galactic Empire, which is a galaxy we haven't had much of an opportunity to explore, even in the Expanded Universe (now non-official canon "Star Wars: Legends).

My biggest concern for the book (and the Rebels TV show) was that it would be a lot more juvenile than past material (even The Clone Wars, which I found very enjoyable), but the book definitely did't shy away from a more mature violence or other more adult themes, not to say it's necessarily a more adult book, but it'd probably translate into a PG-13 movie.  The biggest issue was that it ties so much into the incoming Rebels series that I could only imagine everything in cartoon form, like all the art and clips we've seen from the show so far.

Regardless, the book serves as an excellent introduction to the characters and effectively ties in to Order 66 and the end of Episode III, helping establish the rise of the Empire, although it does seem like it's mostly a stand-alone story outside of the character development, so it's more of a prologue than it is a lead-in book.

The book itself doesn't necessarily set the bar high for the new Star Wars shared universe, not that it isn't entertaining, but it already shows the potential for some properties being held back by an over regulated larger story, similar to the criticisms directed toward Marvel's shared universe.

As such, it's not necessarily a must-read, but there's definitely a lot there for any die-hard Star Wars fan who cares about keeping up on all the new canon.  The book also did a solid job of getting me more excited for Star Wars: Rebels than I already was.

The biggest reveal for me was that this new Star Wars shared universe will face many of the same battles as Marvel studios has seen, but with people like Simon Kinberg assisting in guiding the larger story arcs, I definitely have faith in what Lucasfilm can put together.

Star Wars Rebels will air a 1 hour premier movie on The Disney Channel on Friday, October 3rd, at 9/8c (but Disney subscribers can watch it on demand or at starting September 29th), with regular episodes airing on Monday nights at 9/8c, starting October 13th.

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