Soylent 2 Week Journey: Captain's Log

9/19/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

I'm consuming nothing more than Soylent (and various less discriminate beverages) for two weeks straight.  The casually updated "captain's log" and daily recap can be found in the post below.


End of day one and I'm a little hungry.  Admittedly, my ability to more accurately gauge my caloric intake has allowed to better tailor my diet, so my hunger isn't necessarily an inherent trait of Soylent.

I do miss solid food.  I imagine that will get harder before it gets easier, especially on Sunday when I have to watch the NFL without pizza, wings, or any of the other things likely to be advertised at that moment.


Definitely missing solid food, but it's mainly cravings from habit, more so than actual hunger. I feel fine (maybe a little tired, I need to make sure to drink more water tomorrow) and my digestive system seems to by handling the switch fairly well. I imagine I'll have a much more accurate idea of how my body is responding over the next couple of days. As may be evident from my tweets, it's definitely mentally taxing to abandon traditional food and a normal meal schedule.


Day 3 has been phenomenal. I increased my water consumption and adjusted my Soylent pacing a little bit and I feel great. The intense cravings I had yesterday are gone, but I'm not even half way done yet, so we'll see if it's up or down hill from here.

Today I was definitely in full swing.  I've definitely lost some weight.  Not much, but my belt is almost a notch tighter.  My energy levels are also great.  I feel really good.

Full disclosure, though.  I'm not all about putting my bodily function on the internet, but, you know, science.  The past couple days, I've developed a gas that could only be described as... rancid.  I don't know if this is a byproduct of Soylent, or if it's a the result of the diet transition.  I imagine I'll know in the next couple days!


Ok, so I've missed a couple days of blogging.  The weekend was definitely the most difficult part yet, but I've since settled into a groove and rarely think of normal food.  I definitely still think about it. I definitely still want it, it's just not nearly so immediate.  I go through most of each day without a second thought about it.

Today is my last day, and I plan to have a real meal tonight, so this is the home stretch of what's been a phenomenal experience.  I'll provide my full thoughts on the process in a separate post.

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