Set Photos Give Full Look at New Batmobile

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The steady drip of non-spoilery Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice information continues.

The first major reveal for this movie came in the form of a Batmobile tease and a Batfleck reveal, but since then—although we've gotten more character reveals—the Batmobile has remained fairly elusive, until now.

New set photos give us a (nearly) full idea of what to expect from the wheels of Batfleck.

No major surprises here,  The way the cockpit opens is definitely new (most people probably expected it to slide forward), but that's it.  The moving parts definitely suggest that there may also be a little more to the vehicle to be added in post (the front end looks incomplete to me, but we'll see).

The biggest thing to not, is it appears to have two seats.  This doesn't necessarily confirm Robin or Nightwing (as has been rumored), but if Batman works alone, why does his custom car seat two?  The Tumlber from Nolan's movies also had two seats and no Robin, though, so too much speculation along these lines isn't necessarily productive.

Also of note, the Batmobile was all wet in the original photo release, whereas it looks dusty in these new pictures, but considering they're behind the scenes pictures before any final filters or CGI and it's during the daytime, who knows what it will look like on the big screen.

Source: Super Hero Hype

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