Power Rangers Movie Loses Executive Producer

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Well, the Power Rangers movie took its first major loss.  Roberto Orci was originally attached as an Executive Producer, but he has now officially left the project due to commitments for Star Trek 3, which will be his directorial debut.

This change isn't exactly a death knell for the Power Rangers movie, but it definitely shows where it falls in the priorities of those involved.  Fortunately, there's enough interest (and money) behind this movie to still give it justice, but Orci's involvement was definitely one of the more positive things it had going for it.

It's highly possible this could end up having a positive effect, depending on who takes his place.  Orci has definitely lost a lot of popularity after the poor reception of The Amazing Spiderman 2, so this could free up space for some fresher blood.  There's definitely a lot of opportunity with this movie, so it isn't exactly unattractive to other filmmakers.

Ashley Miller and Zach Stenz--who have teamed in the past to write X-Men: First Class and Thor--are still attached to write Power Rangers, as well Hunger Games producer Allison Shearmur, so it's not like Orci was the only talent with a background in blockbusters.

It will definitely be interesting to see how Power Rangers will reinvent the brand for the big screen, yet diferentiate itself from recent movies such as Pacific Rim, Transformers, and Avengers, but the success of those films all show that the screen is definitely ripe for something like Power Rangers.

Hopefully the production for this movie has better news than this in the near future.  With a 2016 release date, we can expect to start getting official casting announcements, plot rumors, and concept images any day now.

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