I'm Going to Consume an Exclusively Soylent Diet for 2 Weeks

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Several years ago, Rob Rhinehart decided to fix food.  Although it may be less than most other countries, the average American spends over 12 hours a week--over 630 hours a year--preparing and consuming food.  Including eating out, the average American spends $150 a week on food ($7,800).

Although there is some cultural relevance to eating together, or spending time in the kitchen, not every meal needs to a time of fellowship, and many people could find better ways to spend a large chunk of the time (and money) spent on food, especially when the time and money isn't exactly resulting in proper diets.

It is hard to keep a proper diet, though.  Fruits and vegetables don't keep, and most people crave inappropriate diets.  Not to mention the time commitment behind meal planning, shopping for, and preparing of the proper ingredients for a balanced diet.  This is what led Rob Rhinehart to develop Soylent.

Soylent is basically a reverse engineering of food.  Instead of combining finished food products into a dish and combining dishes into a meal, Rhinehart spent months testing various Soylent recipes, and the final product is a collection of all the essential nutrients into a single shake like drink that tastes something like tasty wheat.

After several production delays (making a super food isn't easy), I finally got my first two week supply.  Although Soylent doesn't have to be a complete diet solution (many people may only use it for a handful of means a week), Rob consumed nothing but Soylent for a while, so I will be doing the same thing for 2 weeks, because science.

I will be documenting the daily results of my two week test and posting right here on Geek5auce, so keep tuned.  You can also check out #SoylentPioneer for tweets from me and other early adopters who are among the first to try Soylent.

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