Fall TV Preview for Geeks

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TV has a lot to offer geeks this fall.  Comic books have been starting to invade our TVs for the past few years now, but this year we'll have geek properties airing almost every weeknight, with returning offerings from DC and Marvel, and new shows from DC and Disney/Lucasfilm.

Gotham: Mondays at 8/7c, starting September 22nd on Fox

Gotham details the early days of Captaim James Gordon who's fresh to the Gotham PD.  Anyone that's read Batman: Year One, or seen the animated adaptation knows about what can be expected here.  If you haven't read/seen it, go do that ASAP, it's one of Frank Miller's best.

The show is a relatively similar concept, but take Batman out of the story.  The show takes place right after Bruce Wayne's parents are killed, so he'll be a part of the show, but it's about Gordon and the early days of some famous villains, and not so much focused on a Batman origins.

The marketing is a little worrisome with how much it focuses on the Batman-y stuff instead of making it the solid crime drama we all know it can be, but I'm waiting to cast judgement until after the premier, because it's quite common for marketing to focus on what will grab casual audiences, despite the show having much more to offer.  Be sure to check back here for full reviews of each episode.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Tuesdays at 9/8c, starting September 23rd on ABC

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a very on-again-off-again relationship with most audience members, but the final opinion of the show (particularly the second half) veered slightly more to the positive side.

There's still some mysteries left from the first season (like the existence of the blue alien), and there's usually some reasonable tie-ins with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so even when it's mediocre, the show is enjoyable as some background drama to fill in the real-time narrative between Marvel movies.  I covered this show heavily last year, so expect that to continue for the coming season (along with the mid season tie-in mini-series: Agent Carter).

Flash: Tuesdays at 8/7c, starting October 7th on The CW

Barry Allen made a pleasant cameo in a few episodes of Arrow season 2, and is receiving his own fill blown spin-off show.  Flash is going to be a little more light hearted than arrow, but it is also going to do some heavy lifting for introducing some more super-natural elements into that shared DC TV universe.

Arrow and Flash will air on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, providing 2 hours a week of some shared universe live action comic book drama.  This is obviously some new territory, but if the formula is successful, we can expect to see some more DC TV properties tied-in in the future (Supergirl and Teen Titans are confirmed, but we'll see if they tie-in).

Arrow: Wednesdays at 8/7c, starting October 8th on The CW

Arrow is the veteran show of the bunch, and it could be said that it was sort of a trailblazer for all the new shows we have now.  The first season had a rocky start, but it only improved as it went on, and the second season really raised the bar for season 3.

I was late to the Arrow game, but I did provide a season 2 wrap-up, and you can definitely expect regular coverage from the show for season 3.  We've already gotten several tastes of what we'll see in season 3 (including a photo of Roy Harper in the Red Arrow/Arsenal costume), and everything points to an epic 3rd season.

Star Wars: Rebels: Mondays starting October 13th 9/8c Disney XD
Hour long premier aires on The Disney Channel on Friday, October 3rd (or Disney On Demand, or WatchDisneyXD.com starting September 29th)

After Lucasfilm cancelled Star Wars: The Clone Wars, many fans were disappointed, because the series had become quite enjoyable, but it was soon after revealed that a new animated series would take its place in the form of Star Wars: Rebels.

Rebels takes place between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Episode IV: A New Hope, and covers the early years of the Rebellion, as well as works to establish more continuity between The Prequel Trilogy, The Original Trilogy, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and all future Star Wars properties.

The series is preceded by the book, Star Wars: A New Dawn, which does a lot to set up the universe and characters, although it's not required reading.  I read it in a couple days and reviewed it fairly favorably, though.

Several trailers and clips have been released, and the series looks to be very much a return to the classic Star Wars everyone fell in love with.  We won't know until the show comes out, but it's shaping up to be a must watch for any Star Wars fan.

Constantine: Fridays starting October 24th 10/9c NBC

Constantine will be a live action adaptation of the Hellblazer comic series, but looks to put a little more effort into staying true to the source material than the previous live action adaptation, starring Keanu Reeves.

John Constantine is an detective who goes around exorcizing demons.  The story has always been darker and allowed for a lot of introspection, but it may unfortunately be dramatized a little more for TV audiences.

I haven't seen nearly so much marketing for this show as I have for all the other shows mentioned, but it definitely has the potential to be an excellent series, although the lack of marketing definitely raises some concerns.  This is definitely the most risky proposition of the bunch, but I'll be watching, so stay tuned and I'll let you know what's good.

There are obviously some other shows with geek leaning on TV, but the geek franchise offerings schedule is so full, it may be hard for some people to catch it all.  You can find any coverage, recaps, reviews, and speculation for these shows right here on Geek5auce, so subscribe and bookmark for what will be an intense fall TV schedule!

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