Deadpool Movie Finally Gets Green Light

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[Update: Ryan Reynolds is officially confirmed as Deadpool.]

Well, it's finally happening.  Deadpool is coming to the big screen.  The character was originally butchered introduced in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, including an end credits button scene teasing the possibility of a Deadpool spinoff, only to end up in years of development hell without a green light.

Jump to 2014, some gasoline is dumped on the Deadpool movie rumor mill during Comic-Con in the form of some epic Deadpool test footage featuring Ryan Reynolds as CGI Deadpool.  Fans universally agreed that the test footage nailed the movie in nearly every way, and a new social media movement started to try and get the movie finally green lit.

Tim Miller--the creator of the test footage--is officially attached to direct, but there's no official word on Ryan Reynolds yet, but he has been officially attached to the version that never got off the ground, so assuming this is the same version, Reynolds confirmation can only be right around the corner.

Not that Ryan Reynolds is the only option, especially when the character spends so much time (likely almost the entire movie) wearing a mask, but Deadpool has compared himself to Ryan Reynolds before, so it would be very meta (and this, befitting of a Deadpool movie) to cast Ryan Reynolds as The Merc With a Mouth.

Early rumors suggest the movie will be PG-13 (not the R rating that many fans want), but due to the fact that it is a Deadpool movie, they could easily make the PG-13 a recurring joke.  He could make jokes about the lack of violence and language, or they violence and language could be present, but merely censored, and have Deadpool comment on the black boxes and beeps, and then go on a 4th wall breaking monologue about censorship.  So a PG-13 rating could work just as well (if not better) than an R rating if done properly.

It hasn't yet been confirmed if it is a part of Fox's shared X-Men universe, but considering Deadpool was already included in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past  basically reset certain aspects of the other movies, so Deadpool movie that steers away from the abomination that we saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, yet still pokes fun on it is highly possible.

Regardless, the script has been highly praised for a long time, the production team is highly passionate about this film happening (Tim Miller became a director solely so he could direct a Deadpool movie), and Guardians of the Galaxy opened the door for some of the more iffy fringe properties to have their chance for success, so this is definitely exciting news for any fan.

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