Crowdfunded Nightwing Series Coming in September 2014

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Many DC comics fans may be waiting to see what Warner Brothers plans to do with its shared DC universe, but this September, we're in for a treat in the form of a crowd funded Nightwing webseries.

The trailer for Nightwing just dropped, and while the $35,000 budget is definitely well spent, it definitely shows.  Even so, it looks excellent and seems to even take some cues from the universe of Arrow and The Flash.

Tonally, it seems like they nailed Nightwing, and there's even a good number of easter eggs and character appearances in the trailer, showing that the show will be strongly tied to DC continuity, bringing in Bruce Wayne/Batman, Red Hood/Jason Todd, and what appears to be Robin/Tim Drake.

The trailer also suggests that the show spins off from the events of Death in the Family and likely has some loose ties to Under the Red Hood.  Anyone that is a fan of the way Arrow and The Flash seem to stay true to the source material will likely appreciate a similar (possibly even more strict touch) from this show.

If there's one thing I've learned about web series, though, it's that anything can look good in trailer form.  While the production value seems to be reasonable, the watch-ability of the show remains to be seen.  I have faith in it, though, and will definitely be streaming in come September 29th.

Source: MoviePilot

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