The Moto X and the Digital Tattoo

7/23/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

The Moto X has been one of the most innovative Android phones we've seen in a while.  Although it has a reputation as a minimalist stripped down basic phone, it actually does some things that no other Android phone can do without root or special apps, and even then it does it better.

I have been carrying a Moto X as a second device for a long time and I'm tempted to ditch my HTC One M8.  I've already all but ditched the iPhone 5s for the Moto X.  One of the best features is the Trusted Devices feature, which automatically unlocks your phone if it is paired to a particular Bluetooth.  This is an excellent feature for people that don't have the patience to deal with lock codes (read: most people), and has been mimicked by other services, such as the Pebble Locker.

Motorola now has another fancy way to unlock your phone.  An NFC tattoo.  Although, tattoo might not be the best word, that's the word Motorola is using.  It isn't very aesthetically pleasing or permanent, but it's water proof and lasts about 5 days.

Conceptually, this is a pretty cool idea.  I might wait until I can get it in the form of a red dragon or barbed wire bracelet, though.

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