T-Mobile's Test Drive Program May Not Be So Unique

7/09/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

I've said this once, I've said it a hundred times, T-Mobile's Uncarrier initiatives aren't new or Uncarrier.

For over a year, Verizon has been offering users the opportunity to take home a device for 7 days to test the network.  Unlike T-Mobile--which only offers the iPhone 5s--Verizon doesn't have the same device restrictions.  Big red has since quit offering phones as test devices, but still offers data devices like hotspots and tablets, which makes sense, since most customers only care about data speeds at the end of the day.

The difference is that Verizon didn't hold a large event, claim is was doing something unique, and cuss out competitors.  I guess that's one way John Legere can still claim T-Mobile is Uncarrier.  I definitely haven't seen anyone else do that.

Since the last Uncarrier event, Sprint has also revised its trial policy to something closer to what it was a few years ago, offering a 30 day return window.  If a user decides within the first 30 days that they don't want to stick with Sprint service, they can get a full refund for both the device and service.

This doesn't mean Sprint and Verizon are better than AT&T.  It just means you shouldn't ever make decisions off of marketing ploys, specifically if they are spoken by John Legere.

Do some competitive shopping and you'll find that most postpaid carriers offer similar service for a similar price.  Even the Uncarrier ones.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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