So Many Ultrons in New Avengers Posters [updated as images are released]

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UPDATE: More posters are coming out and stitching together.  I'll continue to add images as they are released.

The lid is coming off of the Avengers: Age of Ultron promotional initiative now that Comic-Con is in full swing.  Last week we got to see our first official look at the new Avengers movie, but we can expect to see quite a bit more (trailer?) before next week.

Today's gift is some new Avengers character posters.  Only a few characters are featured, but it looks like they will stitch together with some additional posters to form a much larger picture of the earth's mightiest heroes swimming in a sea of Ultrons.

It looks like we can expect some massive action from this movie.  It's too bad The Hulk only has part of an arm in ones of these pictures.  I'm sure he's particularly well suited to do some smashing in this environment.  I'm sure we'll see him before long.  Stay tuned as more images and details are announced!

[Update] We have 2 more posters out now, these are featuring Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the official reveal of Vision!  It's the first look of vision, and from what we can see at this angle, he looks like he's straight out of the comics, which is exciting.  Quicksilver looks interesting as well.  His initial look is far more appealing than the Quicksilver from X-Men: Days of Future Past, but anyone who saw that version knows he was a standout when he was on-screen.

[Update] And last, but not least, we have images of Hulk and Thor.  No special reveals with those two, just the same old.  This entire scene is really exciting in its imagery, though.  Marvel's Comic-Con panel happens tonight, so we'll likely get all sorts of juicy details then.

These last two pictures bring the entire poster into view and it looks awesome.  It is missing Iron Patriot and Falcon (who we know will definitely have some sort of role in this movie), but is still a great image and reveal for Vision as well as giving us a preview of Quickilver and Scarlet Witche's powers. (higher res found here)

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