Power Rangers Reboot Gets Executive Producer and Writers

7/16/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

In case anyone forgot, we live in a world of reboots in sequels.  A world where movies like RoboCop and Predator are being revived.  We also live in a wold where people love giant robots.  Transformers 4 is bust setting box office records, but even less successful robot movies, like Pacific Rim, are getting sequels announced.

Living in this world just felt weird when there is not a Power Rangers reboot.  Well, wait no longer.  Roberto Orci is officially executive producer for a new Power Rangers movie.  Not only that, but Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (the writers behind X-Men: First Class) are putting together the screenplay.

Considering those involved, it looks like this might be a slightly more nuanced movie than we've seen from the Transformers series, but hopefully there'll still be plenty of over the top action spectacle scenes (with a decent side of cheese).

There is no director attached and no release date, so this movie is still in the very early stages, so it's still possible it will still get shelved for another couple years, but this is the most serious run at this movie we've seen yet.

It's highly possible we'll even see a full franchise launched from this movie.  Studios love the shared universe franchises right now, and there's definitely no shortage of Power Rangers content.  It may not be the richest content, but it is content, none the less.

Even if it goes into full production soon, it'll still be at least 2-3 years before it's morphin' time, but it's not like we're not already waiting on Batman, Star Wars, Justice League, and many many other geek properties.  Just be patient, you won't know what hit you by the time we hit 2020.

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