New Rebels Trailer is the Most Star Wars Yet [updated with more clips]

7/24/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

We just got a new Star Wars: Rebels trailer earlier this week, but here's another right on its heels and it looks more Star Warsy than anything in recent memory.  Don't get me wrong, I loved Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but this feels like the Star Wars original trilogy.

That may be because of all the classic imagery we get.  There's a huge original trilogy theme in the music (clearly inspire by John Williams), the art is heavily inspired by Ralph McQuarrie, and we get scenes of star destroyers coming over the top of the screen, last second escapes into hyperspace, and gun turret shoot-outs with tie-fighters.

There's also some strong tie-ins to the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars, which looks quite exciting.  This show is definitely bearing a big burden of connecting the Prequel Trilogy to the Original Trilogy, but it looks like it will handle it well.

Update: Lucasfilm has started releasing several clips from the show during Comic-Con, so I will be sure to keep this post updated with them as they are released.

This first clip is exciting simply because of the tie-fighter.  It's a little cheesy, but the whine of those twin ion engines and the sound of those blasters really brings back some strong Star Wars nostalgia.

This second clip shows a little bit of lightsaber combat.  This is one of the first real looks at The Inquisitor, who appears to be a pretty compelling villain.  They manage to avoid making the combat cartoony, which was a strong point of The Clone Wars as well.

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