New Gotham Trailer Shows Gritty Crime Series

7/16/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Yet another trailer has dropped for Gotham.  I continue to walk a tight-rope of emotions for this show.  The trailers look good and I like a lot of what I hear about it, but on the other hand, they are playing the "origins" card really hard.  I don't want every episode to be teasing a big villain (or even worse, Batman).

There is so much opportunity for a great crime procedural here.  Ignoring that and focusing the show around "guess who this guy becomes!" moments will only get them so far.  The first episode will be aired at Comic-Con (by Stephen Amell), along with possibly more announcements regarding DCs TV Universe (despite the long shot, I'm still hoping for some shared elements)

The show has gotten overall positive reviews from those that have seen it though, which is definitely exciting.  There will soon be 4 DC properties on TV, so be ready for the bombardment.  Two shows on the CW, one show on NBC, and one show on Fox.

Let me know what you think in the comments.  Check it.

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