New Batfleck Closeup Image

7/24/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Batman V Superman is still about 2 years away, but we're starting to get some official images.  First, Zack Snyder lifted the veil with the first Ben Affleck Batman image, then within a month, we also got an image of Henry Cavill as superman (in Gotham city).  Now we get another Batfleck image, this time a close up profile and in color!

I know that not everyone agrees but I don't think the Caped Crusader has ever looked better.  That chin belongs under that cowl.  Lots of sad Batman memes have and will continue to come out of this movie (maybe rightfully so), but I'm getting increasingly excited.

Saturday is the day to wait for, as that's when we will finally get confirmations on what's going on with (at least part of) Warner Bros DC shared universe.

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