John Boyega Teases Marvel Role

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It's Comic-Con week, so we're in the middle of the rumors before the storm.  Recently, it was Dwayne Johnson dropping DC casting rumors, now it's John Boyega, one of the leads from the new Star Wars movie.

Boyega hit big success and geek cred for his performance in Attack the Block, and obviously will be a big deal now, since he's going to be in (at least one of) the new Star Wars movies.  Expect a lot of rumors to start swirling around him for various parts (maybe he'll be the new Idris Elba).

He recently started a bit of a nerd storm on his Twitter account when he tweeted about his desire to be in a Marvel movie.

The tweet isn't necessarily cryptic, but it is unclear if he is in talks for a role, or if he merely wants one.  Considering Disney now owns both Lucasfilm and Star Wars, it's quite likely he's being evaluated.  The Mouse House has a tendency to try keep talent under its roof.

Slightly more cryptic, though, was the tweet Boyega dropped a few minutes later, this time calling out a specific Marvel reference

Wakanda, of course, is ruled by T'Challa, the Black Panther, a long rumored Marvel movie.  Whether Boyega is in talks for this role, or merely wants to encourage Marvel to consider him is unclear.  He'd definitely be a great addition to the Marvel family, though!

Rumor has it Marvel could announce as many as 5 new movies.  At this point, additional exclusion of Black Panther starts to become unacceptable.  Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Falcon are the most common Avengers additions that we have yet to see.  Falcon was introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Ant-Man is currently preparing to start production.  It's time for Black Panther.

Marvel goes on Stage at Comic-Con Saturday night around 5:30 PST, so stay tuned!

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