Jimmy Kimmel Proves That Nobody Knows What Smartwatches Are

7/24/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

If you aren't new to the internet, you've probably seen some of Jimmy Kimmel's videos punking people on the street with "new Apple products."  This time, he's taken a $20 Casio watch and passes it off as the new "iTime" or iWatch, or whatever the Apple smartwatch will be called.

The video is pretty entertaining and definitely points out a major hurtle for wearables.  Nobody knows anything about them.  He could have never passed off a flip phone as an iPhone (well... After watching the video again, I might take that back...), so what's so different about this?  People don't know what to expect from a watch.  Nobody asks about motion sensors, heart rate monitors, or app support, because they are comparing it against watches they already know.

Expect to see some creative advertising in this arena this fall/winter.  As it was with Google Chrome, sometimes you have to educate people as to what you product is, before you can sell it to them.

Anyway, enjoy.

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