Guardians of the Galaxy Preview Blows Marvel Universe Wide Open

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Guardians of the Galaxy will come flying into theaters in about 3 1/2 weeks, but production for the film just wrapped today.  James Gunn has been posting to Facebook and Twitter leading up to the last day of production.  You can find his full thoughts upon completion here, but the tl;dr version can be found on his twitter page,
He's definitely very proud of what he's accomplished with Guardians of the Galaxy and I for one am excited to see it.  I was able to make it to a screening of a 17 minute preview of Marvel's first cosmic installment, and it didn't disappoint.

The preview opened with James Gunn introducing the film and explaining that the film has been optimized for 3D IMAX, which he previously explained in more detail in a Facebook post.  He has gone over every shot in this movie and tweaked the 3D, the aspect ratio, and every other visual detail you could think of and he seems very satisfied with the final product

The 17 minute clip was (as far as I know) the same 17 minute edit that will appear in the final film on August 1st.  The chosen scene takes place shortly after the Guardians first meet up and chronicles their escape from the Kyln, which is the prison we've seen in many of the previews.

For the sake of not spoiling the movie too much, I'll keep it brief (although you can find full breakdowns elsewhere in the web).

The chosen scene was an excellent introduction to each of the characters as well as the team dynamic.  Everything we've been promised about all the characters (especially Rocket and Groot) stands true.  Each character stands out as a unique personality and they all are written into the scene in a way that draws attention to their specific skill sets.

We get to hear the first reference to Thanos, spoken by John C. Reilly's Rhomann Dey.  This was cool to see, since it is the first time the name has been uttered in the Marvel Universe, despite us getting our first glimpse of the Mad Titan's head in the button scene for The Avengers over 2 years ago.

Following the scene at the Kyln, there was a quick sizzle reel of the rest of the movie.  Much of it was stuff we've already seen from the trailers, but there's a lot left to this movie that we've hardly gotten a glimpse of.

I already mentioned Thanos's name being brought up.  There was a shot of the back of his throne during the sizzle reel as well.  We know Thanos is in this movie and voiced by Josh Brolin, but Gunn has kept the character under lock and key.  We haven't seen him or heard his voice yet, but the moment we do will be one of the biggest moments for the franchise to date and it will likely set off a chain reaction that leads through Avengers 3 at least.

We've also already seen a brief clip of Benicio Del Toro's Collector from Thor: The Dark World's button scene, but there have only been glimpses of him in the trailers since then.  This character will also be a significant component for the rest of the Marvel Universe (if not in screen-time, then in plot relevance), so his reveal will wait until the movie is released as well.

Aside form the rest of the non-Thanos villains, such as Lee Pace's Ronan and Karen Gillan's Nebula, the other thing I was surprised to see in the sizzle reel was some of the space battles.  This has been very under played in most of the trailers, but it appears that this movie will have some significant Star Wars scale space battles and dogfights.  The true scope has yet to be seen, but this movie looks like it might have an even larger scale than is evident from most of the trailers, which generally have a more intimate feeling.

August 1st can't come fast enough.  The number one thing I learned from this preview and accompanying sizzle reel is that there is a lot that is being kept out of the trailers.  We may have seen some Groot, Rocket, Drax, Gamorra, and Star Lord, but we've barely gotten a glimpse of what James Gunn and Marvel have in store.

You can find the new extended trailer below

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