Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Revealed

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We finally have the trinity revealed!  Although they may not all be in the same image yet (I say it'll take another hour for the photoshoppers).  It's been a long time coming, as we already have two images of Batfleck (1, 2) and one of Henry Cavill's Superman.

The image definitely matches the tone we've seen from the other pictures for this film.  Unfortunately, there are still some naysayers criticizing the overall look (and bod) of Gal Galdot, but that is--sadly--unavoidable.  I think it looks amazing.

The picture is definitely recognizable as Wonder Woman, but avoids any hint of camp entirely.  The classic look (mostly inspired by the new 52) is definitely present, with her tiara, the W shape eagle on top of her corset, the metal bracers (which we'll see if she uses to deflect bullets or not), and even her whip at her side (which likely won't have any magical truth properties aside from the pain she can inflict with it).

Colorwise, it looks good.  The whole thing has sort of a burnt orange hue in this picture, so it's hard to tell if it has any brighter blues or reds.  If it does have more color, it's definitely subdued, giving it more of the look of armor than costume.

It's unclear exactly where she is in this picture.  It is definitely burning rubble (click here to zoom in on the high res version), but we don't know what city is being destroyed this time around.  This is the most action oriented picture so far, though, so we've got 3 very distinct settings for each of the members of the trinity released so far.

Comic-Con isn't over yet, though, and we're likely to get more from WB/DC before they day is through, so keep on the lookout, there's more to come yet!

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