First Superman Image From Batman V Superman Released

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Zack Snyder and company have been filming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for several weeks now, but other than a few unofficial set photos (which I typically don't cover), there have been no official releases since Zack Snyder tweeted out the picture of Batfleck and the Batmobile.

We're anticipating a lot of announcements (possibly even a teaser) at Comic-Con in a few weeks, which will likely settle the abundance of rumors surrounding the entire DC cinematic franchise.  In the meantime, the official @BatmanVSuperman Twitter account has tweeted the first image of the Man of Steel from BVS:DOJ.

The picture definitely fits the same dark theme of the image of Batleck that has already been released (although this one is in color).  The outfit appears to basically be identical to the outfit worn in Man of Steel (which would make sense, per the plot), but it is interesting to note how much more mature Henry Cavill appears in the picture.

This movie takes places a few years later, so we may see a much more developed Superman character than we got to see in Man of Steel, where Kal-El was clearly still learning the ropes of not only his powers, but also his morality and place in the world.

The city backdrop also appears to be significantly different than what we've seen of Metropolis before, so maybe it's Gotham?  The older style architecture, wooden water tower, and smoke stacks look just like something right out of Batman, so it wouldn't be surprising.

Although this picture itself doesn't offer a whole lot, it is good to see some steady teases from this movie to keep us busy until it is released in 2016.  The slow reveal of information tells me we should all be ready for the floodgates to open during DCs Comic-Con panel, though.  We're likely to get casting announcements, movie announcements, crossover information, additional images, and possibly even some footage. 

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