Dwayne Johnson Continues to Tease Shazam Casting

7/21/2014 Unknown 2 Comments

Dwayne Johnson is anything but subtle.  For months now, he's been teasing some unspecified upcoming role for DC. There's lots of rumors for what it is, but the most consistent (and sensible) casting is for the role of Shazam.

Well, Dwayne has been getting a lot of press time recently, do to his incoming Hercules movie, so of course, the topic is bound to come up. You can see him address it in the video below.

Again, in a not so subtle manner, The Rock basically laid it all out for the world.

Just say this, he has the power of Superman...And it's not Green Lantern by the way [...] and believe me John Stewart, he's the charachter I wanted to play, but there was already a version of Green Lantern so now we've gone into a different direction. But this character has the power of Superman ,he can throw down, umm....(very long pause)...just say the word is all I'm gonna say

There aren't many characters that fit that description. I don't know if DC is asking him to tease this role like this, or if he thinks he's being as discreet, but he's being about as discreet as a 6 foot 5 260 pound Samoan can be.

Hopefully DC finally blows all the doors open on this universe at Comic-Con on Saturday.  We still have 22 months of teasing before Batman V Superman comes out, and likely another year or so before a Justice League or solo Shazam movie comes after that.

Source: Moviepilot


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