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Video game movies adaptations are nothing new.  Super Mario Bros. came out in 1993 and established a reasonable expectation for what we have come to expect from game adaptations.  It hardly had anything to do from the game, the powers that be clearly didn't take it very seriously, and the end product managed to avoid appealing to casual audiences while alienating the fan audience.

Unfortunately, this has been par for the course for video game movies.  Some, such as Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil, have managed to retain a sort of cult following, but many others, such as Wing Commander, Doom, and Double Dragon, have been basically outright rejected and forgotten.

I still remember when I saw Max Payne in the theater.  I had played both games (there were only two at the time) and loved both.  I thought when I played them that they were prime for a movie adaptation.  A perfect noir theme with a lot of amazing dialogue already written.  Unfortunately, the end result was like a sterilized version of the game.  It was almost like they were scared of adapting it too closely, so they cut out some of the most iconic parts and focused on the most boring parts.

I lost a lot of faith in video game movies because of that let down.  Since then, games have gotten much more cinematic.  Games like Mass Effect and Far Cry 3 got me excited about the idea of video game movies again, and it looks like we're about to get another bout with Mass Effect in production, Warcraft coming out in 2016, and Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell also both coming out in 2015.

Another game I found to be very cinematic is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and it just changed writers.  Originally, it was being written by Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, but now that Derrickson is working on Doctor Strange, Michael Finch has been brought on board to write a completely new script.

Michael doesn't have an extensive filmography, but he did write the script for Predators, which I was a fan of.  He also wrote another video game adaptation in the new Hitman reboot, Hitman: 47, which doesn't come out until next year.  Our next chance before then to get a look at Michael's work will be next month, when the Pierce Brosnan movie November Man comes out.  The trailer for that looked pretty good so I'm optimistic.

Deus Ex is a very timely story.  Considering the in-game lore has most of it's cyberpunk/human augmentation roots in a project to give war veterans augmented or replacement limbs (which is starting to happen now), Michael has some excellent opportunity to ground his script by tapping  in to current events.

I'm excited to see this movie enter production, but I always remember the squandered potential of Max Payne.  Maybe it will be better this time around, though.  I'm positive that Michael Finch will turn out a good script, so we'll see what happens if they ever get around to finding a director and cast!

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