Batman V Superman Footage Leaked!

7/26/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Warner Bros., DC, and Zack Snyder debuted a brief sample of footage from 2016s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and it looks amazing.  As has been teased so far, the visuals are clearly directly inspired by Zach Snyder's Dark Knight Returns.

The footage itself doesn't show us a whole lot, except for the first time a live action Batman and Superman have been seen on screen together ever. Below are a few images grabbed from the footage. Follow the link at the bottom to view a cam copy of the footage itself. It's not likely to last long, so get it while it's hot.

As has been postulated, Batman will have more than one suit, and here we see him in an armored suit that very strongly resembles the suit from the climax of The Dark Knight Returns.  We have yet to see how this will all look in action, but the style is intense and it's going to be even harder now to wait until the movie itself is released in 2 years.

File has been removed.  Sorry guys.  Keep posted, though, I've got something related and super cool on the way.

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