Avengers 2: Ultron Revealed!

7/16/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

We haven't seen much about Avengers 2 other than a few leaked set photos.  We'll likely get a much bigger reveal at next week's Comic-Con, but in the meantime, Entertainment Weekly has released its own Comic-Con preview edition, which features RDJ's Iron Man, Chris Evans's Captain America, and James Spader's Ultron, all on the front cover.

I don't know what plot implications can be made from this cover (if any), but it appears to be consistent with the Marvel comics origins of Ultron (sans Hank Pym), where he begins as a friend of the Avengers, only to betray them as he gains consciousness.  There are also several other robots in the background.  Likely they start out as a sort of army/police force for Tony Stark (like his suits in Iron Man 3), only to be controlled by Ultron when he goes all evil.

I won't examine it too closely for now, because we're likely to see many more images other than just the cover very shortly.  The biggest thing I'll be wondering prior to the release for this movie, though, is this: How does Captain America get his shield back after Captain America: The Winter Soldier?  I must know!

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