Arsenal Costume Revealed for Arrow Season 3

7/23/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Ever since Roy Harper started showing up in The CW's Arrow, many fans hoped to eventually see him don the red uniform of Red Arrow/Arsenal (instead of just wearing a red hoody).  Well, after the climactic ending of Arrow season 2, it looked like we were well on our way to finally seeing that.

The CW/DC keep on upping the stakes for the little TV universe of Arrow, which will soon cross over with Flash.  Geoff Johns has repeatedly stated that the shows will cross over with DCs larger cinematic universe; however, we have yet to see any outright contradictions between the two universes.  A larger crossover isn't necessary, since Arrow can easily stand on its own two feet, but many fans would be thrilled to see some sort of shared universe between the big screen and the small screen.

As we lead in to Comic-Con this week, all sorts of additional promotional materials are being released, and now we've gotten our first official image of Roy Harper as Arsenal.  It looks quite similar to Green Arrow's except it has more of a maroon color (not all that different from the color Flash will wear), and it seems a little more combat oriented.

I'm not sure if his presence will finally lead Oliver to adopting the Green Arrow moniker to differentiate from Red Arrow, or if Ollie will remain Arrow and Roy will go directly to the Arsenal title.  Either way, he'll be suiting up, and he looks great.

Arrow doesn't air until October 8th, but once it does, we'll have an entire season worth of back to back nights featuring Flash on Tuesdays and Arrow on Wednesdays.  It might actually be a chore to keep up on comic-book shows this fall if you decide to watch all of them.

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