Ant Man Costume Revealed in Marvel Concept Art

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It has been an uphill battle for Ant-Man ever since Edgar Right's exit.  Most fanboys are mad at Marvel and will forever begrudge the assumed awesome movie that exists in some parallel universe where Edgar Wright was allowed to see it to completion, although--despite his clear talent--he may not have even been the Wright man for the job (get it?  Sorry...).

Every piece of news that has come out since then has drawn the ire of fans, no matter how positive the news is.  A rumored director removes themselves from contention?  Fans say he's fleeing a burning building.  Marvel gets a replacement director?  Fans assume they had to beg him to take the job.  Someone praises the script?  Fans assume they are lying for PR purposes.  Rumors of infighting?  Fans accept it eagerly.

It doesn't matter where the news comes from, the fanboy lynch mob only believes bad news and assumes all good news is just a Marvel PR stunt.  It's really a sad state of affairs that so many fans are turning on the best combined cinematic universe.  Marvel seems to be the only studio that has its head on straight, but somehow it's getting all the hate about this movie.

Well, amid all the fanboy backlash during the lead up to Comic-Con, we have the first official Marvel image in the form of some concept art.  It's unknown just how accurate of a depiction this is of what we can expect from this movie, but it definitely looks confident.  We have a shrinking Ant-Man in a pretty cool suit, even if the mast resembles Peter Quill AKA Star Lord's helmet a little bit.  We also have some images of Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd and an image of Ant-Man riding an Ant.

One thing's for sure, they aren't shying away from some of the more sketchy area of Ant-Man's existence.  If he's riding an Ant, it would suggest he can tame an Ant, which would also suggest he can communicate with them.  This is thrilling and scary all at the same time.

Hopefully we'll get some more good news (that fans will actually accept) out of Hall H on Saturday night.  The production has been delayed until next month, so we're unlikely to get any official images or a sizzle reel a la Guardians of the Galaxy, but I'm sure we'll hear something, nonetheless.  This movie just might be Marvel's ultimate test.

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