What if Marvel Studios Owned All Marvel Properties?

6/16/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Peruse any comments section on the movie blogs across the internet and it shouldn't be too hard to find some despondent Marvel fanboy lamenting the fact that Marvel Studios doesn't own all the rights to their various properties.  Fox owns Fantastic 4 (including a massive chunk of Marvel cosmic stuff, like Galactus) and X-Men (including the concept of "mutants), Sony owns Spider-Man (including Venom, Oscorp, and most of the rogues gallery), and then Marvel Studios is left with what has been referred to as the "B-squad."

Most casual moviegoers don't even know about the brain melting crossovers that occur in the Marvel Comics Universe, but thanks to a superfan that knows what everyone is missing out on, we have a trailer mashup for what could be in a perfect world.

Unfortunately, licensing aside, a universe of this scale would be nearly impossible to run by one studio and we would likely miss out entirely on movies like Guardians of the Galaxy if Marvel had so many more properties to be responsible for.  On top of that, movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past would likely never happen, because it's way too large scale of an event film to occur in a shared universe.

But hey, we can all dream.  Enjoy.

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