Pacific Rim 2 Confirmed for 2017

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Pacific Rim was an unfortunate box office story of 2013.  Despite being one of the only original sci-fi properties released all year, it was largely panned upon release, which makes no sense, because who doesn't want to see giant monsters vs giant robots?

The world Guillermo Del Toro creates in Pacific Rim is so vast and gritty.  He does a very good job of making the scale of the scale of everything feel authentic.  The Jaegers and Kaiju were as big as skyscrapers, and it felt like it.

The movie very effectively captured a genre that is largely unexplored using a beautiful aesthetic.  I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed Pacific Rim.

So why am I talking about this?  Because Guillermo Del Toro is also talking about it.  View the video Legendary just posted to Facebook.

So, there you have it.  We're getting a Pacific Rim 2 in around 3 years.  We'll see where they take the story this time, seeing as it was mostly wrapped up by the end of Pacific Rim  We'll definitely see new Jaegers and probably new monsters, or some other threat.

Del Toro did have a few clashes with the studio over the first installment, specifically around the topic of 3D post conversion (he designed the movie to look best in 2D), so its unclear if he has proven himself and will have more creative control this time, or if the studio will keep a tight reign on production because of the poor box office performance of the first Pacific Rim.

Either way, it will face some stiff competition with Marvel Studios, X-Men, Sony, Star Wars, and now DC all releasing at least one film (sometimes more) almost every year from now to 2020.

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