Millennium Falcon Teased in Star Wars Set Images

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The set photos of Star Wars Episode VII already look more like Star Wars than the prequels ever did.  The addition of familiar ships isn't the only reason, but it definitely helps.

Recent leaks from the set show the building of a YT-1300 light freighter, which--lets be honest--can't be anything other than the Millennium Falcon.

It's definitely a sight for sore eyes, after the shiny glittery CGI ships of Episodes I-III.  The grimy, dirty, piece if junk may not look like much, but she has it where it counts in the hearts of Star Wars fans.

The Falcon isn't the only ship to make an appearance, though.  A model for what is most likely an X-Wing was also spotted.  It looks like a bit of a variation of the X-Wing (note the shorter and sharper nose and different wing length/configuration), so it's possible we are seeing an updated or modified fighter, but it is also possible that the design differences are due solely to the fact that the model is clearly still under construction.

Even set photos that aren't explicitly of anything look like they jump right out of Ralph McQuarrie's sketch book.  This is one of the more exciting leaks from this movie so far, because it shows a bit of the true heart of Star Wars that fans have been waiting for.

This just makes me wonder how the internet will react to a black-vested, pant-piped, and gun-belted Han Solo image.  I have a feeling it's not as far off as it may seem.


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