Guardians of the Galaxy Style Star Wars Trailer

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It's not the first time the resemblance has been noticed.  This summer's Guardian's of the Galaxy has drawn several comparisons to the classic Star Wars trilogy, as can be seen through the poster above.  Although Star Wars isn't the only space opera style universe in science fiction, it is definitely by far the most popular, thus the comparisons drawn when a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy gets as much attention as it is.

James Gunn hasn't explicitly acknowledged any influence from Star Wars on his style, and those that follow him on Facebook or Twitter might notice heis actually more likely to reminisce about his experiences watching Flash Gordon as a child, so it might be safe to say that Gunn and Lucas shared similar inspirations as opposed to Gunn being directly influenced by Star Wars.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Chris Pratt did reference some similarities, though.
[Guardians of the Galaxy is] not as broad as Galaxy Quest, but it's not a straightforward space fantasy like Star Wars. I think it's sort of the best of both of those films put together ... and more!
Whatever the influence, I've been super stoked about Guardians of the Galaxy, especially the most recent international trailer.

Although the tone might be slightly different, a Guardians of the Galaxy style trailer for the Star Wars Original Trilogy has been making the rounds recently and shows just how fun anything gan be with a little ooga chaka thrown in.

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