Guardians of the Galaxy International Trailer 2

6/17/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

The second international trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy is out and it provides the best-yet glimpse at the Guardians themselves, including some Star Lord/Peter Quill backstory and group interaction with Rocket and Groot.

This is by far the best trailer so far, at least when it comes to showing some heart, although the other trailers may have excelled in the Ooga Chaka Ooga Ooga department.

I've been sold on this movie for a long time.  Marvel has a tendency to get a little more spoilery as the release date of new properties approaches, so this will likely be the last trailer I post for Guardians of the Galaxy.  I'm already sold.  It comes out August 1st, so we don't have much longer to wait.

In the meantime, we have this...

You're welcome.

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