Can DC's TV Properties Fit in a Justice League Universe?

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DC is hard at work building its shared movie universe, but several properties already exist on (or are on their way to) TV.  I've speculated before about the likelihood of DC's movies and TV properties all sharing a universe before, but just how likely is it?

I was in the middle of writing my DC universe roundup post and went down the rabbit hole on this idea, so I spun it off into its own post.  How do DC's TV properties relate to its movie properties and is there any overlap or major continuity hurdles?  (spoilers to follow)


Man of Steel ended with acknowledgment that the US government is wary of Superman because of the excessive destruction to Gotham.  The US government's suspicion of Superman seems to demand the presence of Amanda Waller (and A.R.G.U.S. or Project Cadmus), yet Amanda Waller has not been confirmed to be present, and none of the actors cast resemble her profile (not that that would stop Zack Snyder).

The thing is, David S. Goyer has already written a role for Amanda Waller in his Green Arrow movie, Green Arrow: Escape for Super Max, back in 2008.  Since then, the highly successful Arrow TV show has come along and Amanda Waller is prominently featured in the second season, which ends with Deathstroke being placed in Super Max prison.  This is interesting, as Super Max prison has no association in DC outside of David Goyer's unused Green Arrow script.  And now the Arrow TV show... I wonder where they got that idea?

Season 3 of arrow is set up to heavily feature Amanda Waller and Argus.  The show also already has crossovers with The Flash TV show on its way to the CW, which is interesting since, despite a Star Labs reference in Man of Steel, confirmation of Cyborg (who comes from Star Labs as well), a Justice League movie (when Flash has always been a founding member of the JL), and a Green Lantern/Flash team-up movie on its way in 2017, there have been no rumored actors cast to play Barry Allen/The Flash on the big screen (despite a rumor that the Scarlet Speedster has a cameo in Batman vs. Superman).

It's a little bit of a stretch, but there's enough coincidences to make a reasonable case for Grant Gustin playing Barry Allen in the Justice League movie universe, meaning Stephen Amell as Green Arrow, Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller, and any other character cast in the CWs TV shows will be folded into DCs movie universe.  The show has very specifically not stepped on the toes of Superman, Batman, or any other major DC property.

What does this mean about Fox's Gotham?  Could that serve as the origins story for Ben Affleck's version of Batman?  The existence of a Gotham TV show seems to throw a wrench in a new version of Batman, since the show will likely be running simultaneously to the new Batman, unless it is rolled in as an origins story so that Batfleck's origins don't need to be retold on film, because we've seen that too many times already anyway.

There's not even any conflicting casting (so far), except for Alfred.  Jeremy Irons is cast in BvS:DoJ, but Sean Pertwee is signed for Alfred in Gotham.  This was a problem for my theory, until I realized they look and sound (SeanJeremy) so similar.  Sean Pertwee could easily be a younger Alfred Pennyworth.  And that's really the only real hurdle for all of DCs TV properties being folded into its movie universe.

The casting of Ray Fisher as Cyborg also gives opportunity to put him in TV, since he's not as big of a name, and the incoming Constantine TV show is already hinting at a shared universe as well, which could tie in with the confirmed Sandman movie from Joseph Gordon Levitt in the form of the long rumored Justice League Dark possibly directed by Guillermo Del Toro.

It's all speculation now, but there are enough dots to connect to make it more than just a dream.  Arrow has already been a joy to watch and both Flash, Constantine, and Gotham look like they will also be enjoyable.  I will definitely still watch if there's no movie crossovers, but Marvel's already struggling Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will immediately be left far in the dust if DC rolls in its existing TV properties.

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