Support UNICEF and Enter to Appear in Star Wars: Episode VII

5/21/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Disney, and Bad Robot are launching Star Wars: Force for Change, a new charitable initiative to solve some of the worlds problems.  The first initiative being tackled by Force for Change is to raise awareness and funds for UNICEF.

If you are unfamiliar with UNICEF, it is an organization that leverage technological solutions to bring aid to people in countries of need.  Some examples include portable solar powered educational computers, a mobile app that helps reunite South Sudanese refugee families, and a text messaging based solution used in Zambia that delivers infant medical results twice as fast as other means.

So if you like helping those less fortunate and love Star Wars, then you should definitely donate to this campaign, because--in addition to various Star Wars awards--you'll be entered for a chance to go to Pinewood Studios in London to be a part of a scene in Episode VII.

It's not guaranteed that your footage will make it into the final draft, but who doesn't want to get a set visit for Star Wars?  Maybe if you donate to UNICEF, one of the children that recieve a solar powered computer will also have access to a similar opportunity one day.

You can find everything you need right here

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