Good Guy Google, Keeping it Neutral

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Once again, the FCC is has been talking about net neutrality and once again, everyone is up in arms wanting the FCC the strong arm of the FCC to regulate the internet instead of the strong arm of service providers.  I've gone on at legnth before about how an FCC regulated internet is just as bad as one controlled by the service providers.  In fact, there's hardly any difference.

The only real way to ensure a "neutral" internet--as in free of corrupt manipulation--is to leave it unregulated.  If service providers want to act in ways that are considered "anti-consumer," then vote with your money, which is the only thing the ISPs care about at the end of the day.

Companies like Google and Netflix routinely rank service providers by their quality of of service or provide certifications for sites that don't manipulate packets.  The information we need to keep the internet accountable is being made available to us.

Google is taking another stand for internet freedom (which is the only true neutrality).  Google Fiber has been shaking up the old ISP fat cats since 2011, and despite the limited availability, the inexpensive fiber service they provide is causing problems for the likes of AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast.

Not only is Google Fiber competitively priced (to put it lightly), but the search giant has just announced that the traffic over its network will be free.  Unregulated.  Neutral.  This means you can vote with your wallet.  Yes, you might need to wait a while before its available in your area, but when it is, then you can dump whichever anti-consumer ISP that is charging you more for less and regulating your traffic at the same time.

Net neutrality laws are just a back door for legislation like SOPA and PIPA.  Don't use the force of government to protect your packets.  Use your wallet.

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