First Full Trailer for Chris Nolan's Interstellar

5/16/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

A few months ago, we got a teaser trailer for Interstellar, but we didn't get much more footage than a cornfield and the only story we get was a conceptual "reach for the stars!" appeal to human achievement.

Well, the first full trailer is now available and so far it looks like Chris Nolan has done it again.  The initial synopsis for this movie made it sound like it takes place mostly in space, but the trailer takes place mostly on the ground.

The bits that do take place in space are quite impressive, though.  Nolan is more famous for his use of IMAX cameras and practical effects, but the space scenes appear to have some impressive visual effects from the Inception creator.  It will definitely be intriguing after the high bar set by Gravity.

Check it out for yourself!

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