Ben Affleck's Batsuit and New Batmobile Revealed!

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Yesterday, Zack Snyder tweeted out a big tease for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.  After months of (often depressing news), it looked like we were about to get something interesting with his tease of the Batmobile.

What we ended up getting was so much more.

It's Batfleck and the Batmobile.

This is the most encouraging but of news about this movie so far.  The Batmobile looks great, but even better, Batfleck looks AMAZING.  The suit is an all black/grey return to Batman's roots with a Frank Miller-esque bat-symbol on the chest.

This is the version of the Batsuit fans have been waiting for.  No nipples.  No armor.  All muscles.  It looks like it's basically the Batsuit from The Dark Knight Returns, but maybe more black, which is awesome, since that's the direction I've been saying they should take Batman this time around.  Ben Affleck also looks great in the suit.  He's ripped (I'm sure that six pack is rubber, but hey, movie magic).

This is visually the best version of Batman we've seen on screen.  The Nolan version was good, don't get me wrong, but any Batman fan can appreciate the nostalgia and baddassery going on in this picture.

Then there's the Batmobile.  It looks like the tumbler and Tim Burton's batmobile rolled into one.  I don't see a single thing in this image I dislike.  Be sure to check out the high res version here to get a good look a the suit.

Thank you, Zack Snyder.

[EDIT] Bonus pic, here's a colored version with a blue/grey theme.  I'm not sure if the final version will be blue or black (obviously the official photo doesn't help there), but this colored version is good for nostalgia.

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