Arrow Season 2 Finale and Shared Future

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Arrow blew me away with the season 2 finale last night.  I've been following the show since season 1 hit Netflix and it has just gotten better and better.  The acting and character motivations don't make sense a lot of the time (often in an irritating way), but the universe building, action, and larger story threads really pull through in an excellent way.

If you haven't watched Arrow, go through the first season on Netflix.  Don't dismiss it until you've seen the full first season.  It's worth it and the second season is even better.  The show is a far far better standalone show than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but it also lacks the shared universe qualities.  The first show that can hit both of those marks will have my unreserved praise.

Since I haven't followed the show episode by episode, I'm not going to provide a rundown, but I will provide an update on many of my favorite elements and where they stand at the end of the second season and leading in to the third season.

[There will be spoilers below]

Roy Harper - Roy's story is one of the highlights of this season.  I had never gotten much exposure to the Red Arrow character previously, but once I was caught up, I started watching Young Justice on Netflix (worth the watch) between Arrow episodes, so I was really excited to see Roy develop into that character.  I cheered when Oliver handed him the red--Ninja Turtles looking--facemask.

Season 3 will be big for him, as the Arrow team is all he has left in Starling City now that Thea is gone.  It will definitely be an interesting twist to have two Arrow characters in the show, but it's entirely possible that Roy will replace some of Diggle's role, now that he'll be a daddy.

Diggle - As mentioned above, Diggle will be a father (and presumably a husband, again), so I wouldn't be surprised to see his involvement wane due to the presence of Roy Harper's Red Arrow.  It looks like A.R.G.U.S. will play a larger part in season 3, but with his relationship with A.R.G.U.S. and Suicide Squad up in the air, his entire role is a little uncertain.  He'll be around for sure, though.

A.R.G.U.S. - Amanda Waller's organization definitely played a large part in season 2, but the cliffhanger ending shows that it will definitely be a major player in season 3, along with Oliver's history with the organization.  Slade Wilson is now also being held in an A.R.G.U.S. super max prison, so we can definitely expect more Suicide Squad and maybe even see the introduction of more villains (and maybe more powers) through Basilisk and Secret Society.  Lots of easter egg potential here (we may even get more Harley Quinn!)

Deathstroke - Slade Wilson is alive and Oliver entrusted him to an A.R.G.U.S. run facility.  Suicide Squad 2.0 is definitely happening.  As if A.R.G.U.S. would just leave him in his cell.  Hopefully that's the extent of it for now.  I'd like for him to have about as big of a role in season 3 as Deadshot had in season 2.

Black Canary - She's back with the League of Assassins, but we definitely haven't seen the end of her.  Unfortunately, there was definitely a tease at the end of the season finale that Laurel would become Black Canary.  I sincerely hope not.  I know one version of the Canary is Dinah Laurel Lance in the comics, I'm so tired of Laurel, notice I didn't even give her a heading to herself.

Thea - At the end of the season, Thea takes her place at Malcom Merlyn's side.  With Merlyn's ties to the League of Assassins, it'd be really cool to see her go there to get trained by Black Canary and actually become Speedy, instead of it just being a nickname.

Felicity Smoak - Felicity has never had much of a central role in the show.  She's definitely one of the more entertaining (and better acted) characters, but she basically exists so they can excuse away any technical wizardry, considering everything in this show involving computers is completely ficticious.  I mean, she was the IT girl at a fortune 500 company.  IT GIRL, not manager, administrator, help desk, or whatever.  She does a job that would normally require hundreds of employees, plus her side job with Arrow and co. is another job that would take many more computers and people to accomplish, but whatever.  She's just a plot device in the form of a likable character.  She does, however, remind a lot of people of Oracle.  She's definitely not Barbara Gordon, but she could fill that role to allow them to introduce a smaller version of Birds of Prey with Black Canary and Huntress (along with any new characters they add in season 3)

Oliver - Oliver is now a more mature Arrow, he's the head of a larger team, and he's broke and his base is destroyed.  This puts him in a great place where hopefully we can see him become more of a fully developed and confident leader instead of a developing vigilante.  The official introduction of Red Arrow makes him a mentor of Roy Harper, which could be a great development.  Also, there are now two vigilante's in town that wear hoods and use a bow, so maybe that means he will finally get the "Green Arrow" moniker to differentiate him from "Red Arrow."

The season ends with him finally off the island and in the custody of Amanda Waller in Hong Kong.  The dual timeline story will obviously take a drastic turn here and we will likely see his further training and get some official backstory on why he can speak several languages fluently (does this mean season 4 will be in Russia?).

Flash - There have only been offhand references to Barry Allen since his introduction earlier in the season, but he is currently in a coma at S.T.A.R. Labs.  It's unsure what will bring him out of his coma and grant him his powers, but I'm betting it has something to do with the mirakuru and/or the cure that was conveniently developed at S.T.A.R. Labs.

We'll see what his full involvement in Arrow is moving forward.  There will definitely be crossovers, but he can't exactly arrive to save the day in the Arrow finale (or vice versa) without taking away from the show's respective hero.

The Flash teaser trailer was released this morning and it looks great!  There is a distinct difference in quality between the TV universe and the taste of the movie universe that we've gotten from Man of Steel and the Batfleck image, but the door has not been closed on the universes being one in the same.  Arrow hasn't intruded into Batman/Superman territory and there haven't been any Arrow or Flash casting rumors for the Justice League movie.

The future of Arrow, The Flash, and the larger DC Universe are all very exciting right now, combined or not, but the next 2 years will definitely provide some good DC entertainment before we know for sure!

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