It's Official: Justice League is Happening

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It's been assumed for a long time, but it's finally official.  Justice League will be coming to the big screen and Zack Snyder will be the director.  The story was officially dropped by The Wall Street Journal last night.

Anyone following the current development of Batman vs. Superman might not find this to be the biggest development, as we already knew that Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and most recently, Cyborg (and more to come with a role rumored for Jason Momoa) would all have a part in Batman vs. Superman, so this announcement is more of an official confirmation to something everyone already knew.

There's no official release date, but the consensus is that it will be in 2018 or later.  Considering so many of the characters are already cast for Batman vs. Superman, hopefully they will either film simultaneously or back to back to save on time and budget and release Justice League a year or less after Batman vs. Superman.

The biggest revelation provided by this announcement is that Warner Brothers and DC are opting out of establishing their characters through individual movies and instead leading with a team up film and spinning off characters from there—likely using Justice League to guage interest in each individual character prior to the spin-off films.

This approach does make a lot of sense in contrast to Marvel's universe strategy, considering DC characters have already been in recent movies.  Marvel was in a fortunate position to have a fresh slate for each of the characters in their Avengers universe.  DC meanwhile, just rebooted superman after less than a decade and will now have to reboot both Green Lantern and Batman—also in less than a decade since their previous films.

Marvel was able to lead up to Avengers using entirely fresh cinematic content due to their characters not appearing on screen in recent memory.  DC doesn't have that benefit, and the amount of stale exposition they would need to trudge through in order to recreate Green Lantern and Batman just stretches the timeline before we see Justice League by practically another decade.

This way they can define their characters in the context of Justice League and spin them off into individual films or (even better) smaller team ups.  This is something the Marvel Cinematic Universe is missing out on entirely.  Why do we have to wait for a team up film to see two characters on screen at the same time?  Some of the best DC comics involve more than one character, yet aren't a full on Justice League team up.

It remains to be determined how characters like Green Arrow and Flash will be handled, considering they both have their own TV shows already.  It would be really neat to see those existing universes folded into the larger DC Justice League universe, but at the same time, they will be opposite actors like Ben Affleck, who will likely not be able to then follow them back to the small screen, creating some handicaps for true synergy.

A lot has yet to be seen, but at least DC has finally confirmed the development of a Justice League film, which is the first step to us being able to purchase tickets to watch it.  Hopefully there will be some more information soon regarding characters and casting, but who knows, since we're still waiting to see Ben Affleck in a new batsuit

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