The Year of the Wearable?

3/10/2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Since the original iPhone was announced, the tech industry, particularly mobile tech, has been a whirlwind trip of non stop developments, but it's seemed like some of the news has started to slow.  I've heard many an email written to many a podcast asking "has the industry plateaued?"

I dont' think a plateau is the most accurate way to describe it, but the market had definitely matured and it is far more saturated than it was a few years ago, but there's still some energy left in the way of wearables.

In fact, Sundar Pichai--Google's SVP of Android, Chrome, and Apps--just announced at SXSW that Google will be launching a wearables SDK in the coming weeks.  If you thought it already looked like everyone and their mother has a smart watch line, just wait until Google releases an official SDK.

Not just smartwatches, but wearables of all kinds.  Rings, Glass-like headgear, arm bands, clothing, etc.  Just as the word suggests.  Wearables.  Anything you wear that can benefit from some sort of connectivity.

I already said that wearables will catch on once the general public knows what they are.  If you look at the consumerization of smartphones, Apple released the iPhone and there was a sort of stigma around it.  Many people bought one and it was wildly popular in those circles, but the people that didn't buy them found the technology to be unnecessary and too expensive.

Many of those people are the ones that ended up buying cheap Android phones from ZTE, Samsung (you want to try a cheap Android, use a Samsung Android phone from 2010), or many of the smart looking phones that didn't match up to the marketing.
They were of course disappointed, but not dissuaded.  They were either convinced to go buy Apple products, or started shopping for smarter smart phones.  To their luck, when they were upgrade eligible, they could choose from phones like the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC EVO or Thunderbolt.

Those people would likely have never invested in the technology at all if it weren't for the over saturation and availability of cheap phones.

The release of a wearables SDK will do the same thing.  Brace yourself for wearables to enter the zeitgeist.  It will take a year or two to shake itself out, but once everyone gets their bearings, we'll have some really cool products to buy. And wear.

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