The HTC One M8 is an Iterative Improvement Over Last Year's Best Phone

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The HTC one has been the source of more leaks than the NSA in the past few weeks, but there was still more to be said when it came time for HTC's official announcement.  I'm not going to get too much into the details, since you can find hands on reviews elsewhere, but there were some very impressive announcements made by HTC that we have not seen from other carriers.

If you like last year's HTC One, then you should also like the HTC One M8.  It keeps the best parts of the last model and improves on most of them.

First, the form factor.  The HTC One M8 improves what was already a gorgeous phone, making it more ergonomic and more metal.  After making a 70% metal phone last year, HTC has gone above an beyond, engineering a 90% metal phone this time around.  That's intense.

Boomsound.  HTC added deeper speaker chambers to the M8, resulting in 25% louder Boomsound speakers and deeper range.  If you thought Boomsound was loud before, this will melt your face.  It only makes sense that a phone this metal would be this loud (see what I did there?).

Sense 6.0.  There were some cool improvements to Blinkfeed.  I will still likely disable it, but it is definitely an added value for those that consume their content that way.  The amazing new software feature is that individual sense components (zoe, blinkfeed, etc) will now update via the play store.  This is just like Google Play Services, they are bypassing the carrier and going direct to the consumer with their updates.  Brilliant.

Duo Camera.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the image resolution will get much of a bump from Duo Camera, but but 50% faster auto focus, the ability to add slowmo in post, and the ability to pause and reframe live video is brilliant.  There are also a lot of improved software features, the best of which is the ability to manually adjust camera settings (ISO, white balance, etc) and then save as a custom preset.  Dynamic focus was also a big one.  Lots of cool effects that can be added in post using HTCs new "foregrounder" tool.

Battery.  The battery life has been drastically improved.  The claim is that it will last 40% longer, which bumps to to the range where having a charger available in the afternoon is far less necessary most days.

The most brilliant change?  The HTC One is available today from most major carriers.  Beat that, Samsung.

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